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When you aim at achieving something together in cooperation with several brands, countries and people, it is only possible if each of the parties shares the same values and principles.

Our integrated management system (IMS) is used by our entire group and encompasses our strategic orientation.

The procedures of this system are based on international standards. The modular system design increases transparency and its flexibility allows us to adapt to future demands. We focus on creating a high-value chain, which means that customer orientation and sustainability must go hand by hand.


Our IMS is not a recent invention, but is the updated version of what used to be known as operating regulations and corporate code of practice. These regulations were previously used by our corporate as management tools. Our current IMS manual, in combination with the code of conduct, has replaced the previous systems. Do you want to know more about the evolution of our IMS? You can download our regulations, our IMS manual and our code of conduct here.