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What does a PET bottle have to do with a seat cover? Much more than you might think!

With the brands AUNDE, ISRINGHAUSEN and FEHRER, the AUNDE Group is highly committed to sustainability. Being a sustainable company is an important focus for us and is taken very seriously and with great responsibility. 


AUNDE uses natural fibers, 100% recycling of PET bottles and the development of lightweight materials to innovate and manufacture products with renewable and recycled raw materials. Thanks to this work, AUNDE has received the BMW Supplier Innovation Award. For example, the manufacturing process of a cover from recycled materials is both innovative and sustainable. 

AUNDE uses a granulate from recycled PET bottles that is used to weave a colored yarn. The quality of the polyester produced during this process is at the same level as that of non-recycled material. Tex Blue® by AUNDE is the name of the product line made from recycled material and adapted to the customer's needs. 


When we talk about the environment, we also refer to our direct environment in the different plants of the AUNDE Group.

This means that our values not only correspond to the environment, but also to the society in which we work. We are committed to focusing on local learning and youth development. We pay special attention to all aspects of the different cultures in each country. Our principles are based on our employees and are a fundamental part of our corporate identity.

Partnership is only possible when all parties share the same values. For us, this means a respectful approach to dealing with our resources.

Emmanuil Ntzemos, Plant Management, AUNDE Germany.

Our commitment to sustainability

The continuous population growth and the high use of nature's resources have forced the world to look for sustainable solutions that help to protect our environment.

Our strategy contributes to supporting sustainable development. Our goal is to promote viable solutions while developing our activities in a responsible and economically successful manner. For the AUNDE Group, this means improving the quality of life while reducing the use of resources and production of emissions in our value chain. We consider sustainability as a joint social responsibility. This means that we are not only concerned with reducing our ecological footprint as a company, but also aim to convince our partners to make a similar contribution to improving sustainability.



Our Sustainability Report